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BUCKLEY’S – The Best Cold Medicine Product Money Can Buy Buckley's Original complete syrup; 150 ml Size: Health &  Personal Care Buckley's Original complete syrup; 150 ml Size: Health &  Personal Care

At the first signs of a sore throat or minor cold…get Buckley’s Mixture and you’ll be back on your feet in no time. I believe it was last year when I was visiting a friend and one of her children had a cold or sore throat and she pulled out this white and read box of cough suppressant. I very rarely get colds or any kind of illness, but I was intrigued by the childs willingness to consume this milky white mixture. As I watched her 5 year old take the mixture with this sour look on her face, it was priceless!

I asked how the mixture tasted and she didn’t respond, but she went for another spoon full and I thought maybe this mixture has a pleasant taste although you couldn’t tell from her facial expressions. After she consumed the second spoon full, she then responded “it’s nasty, but it will make me feel better”. I kept a picture of that time in my mental file, until recently when I realized I was seeing the first signs of a cold coming on me. I immediately went out to my nearest drug store, but could not find this product. I called my friend and she told me her family had bought the product somewhere in New York. That information did not stop me for I was on a mission! I happen to see a neighborhood Tropical store (they typically sell products from Africa and other international cultures). As soon as I walked over to the medicines, I saw that white and red box of Buckley’s and was elated!

Pleased with my find, I took my Buckley’s home and took it right away and to my dismay realized it does taste “nasty”. It has a slight minty, non-descriptive unpleasant taste that reminds me of some home made remedy from times past. Within 30 minutes or less I could feel that throat irritation almost melting away. By the next day, my throat was fine and I felt like me again. It was an awesome result.! The products claim: temporary relief of coughs due to minor throat and bronchial irritations associated with colds, is absolutely true. However, there are warnings on the product that say not to take with various other drugs, so please ask your physician before purchasing this product.

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