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Coleman 12-volt Wet/Dry Vac Not Worth Your Money

Coleman 12-Volt Wet/Dry Vacuum #PMV6991 - Shop Wet Dry Vacuums -

Coleman 12-Volt Wet/Dry Vacuum #PMV6991 - Shop Wet Dry Vacuums -

Because we have a toddler who spends a great deal of time riding and, more importantly, eating in the back seat of our car, having a good vacuum is a must. That’s why, when we saw the Coleman 12-volt Wet/Dry Vac at Family dollar, we were quick to buy it.
As far as the price goes, we couldn’t complain; only $20. And, we liked the fact the vacuum was designed specifically for your car; including the fact it ran using the car’s cigarette lighter. However, after using the vacuum two times, we have come to the conclusion it was a big waste of money.
I started disliking the 12-volt vacuum almost instantly when I was trying to clean the back seat of the car with it and had a heck of a time maneuvering the hose. It was just too short and had little flexibility to it. Even with the crevice tool, I was having problems reaching dirt in tight places.
This in itself wouldn’t have bothered me but the vacuum also has very little power to it on flat surfaces. I can’t remember exactly what we had in the car before, but the first time we used it, there was lint all over the back seat. We ran the vacuum over top the seat and you couldn’t even tell. The lint stayed right where it was.
The second time we used the vacuum, we had a little better result. That time, it was a pretty easy task; cleaning up spilled cheerios. But, once again, I had problems getting in the harder to reach areas with the vac and had to scoop plenty of the cereal out with my hand before I could vacuum it up.
In addition to the lack of quality when it comes to cleaning, I really am not sold on the whole concept of plugging the vacuum into my car. I don’t even trust leaving my cell phone plugged in over night without running something that obviously is going to put much more strain on the battery. As you can guess, I made sure the car was running when I was using the vacuum; something that I’m sure cost me a bit in terms of gas consumption.
Sadly, we had bought the Coleman 12-volt vac as a way to conveniently clean our car. All it does now is sit in our shed and we now drag our regular vacuum cleaner out to clean the car instead. It works much better.
If you’re out shopping and you see the Coleman 12-volt Wet/Dry Vac on sale, just keep walking. It’s not worth your time or money.

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