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Flipping Out Premiere: Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems

The Notorious B.I.G. – Mo' Money Mo' Problems Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

The Notorious B.I.G. – Mo' Money Mo' Problems Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

Looks like Jeff has really severed ties with Ryan. As a result, his business has quadrupled (according to Jenni), and he’s hired another design assistant to the staff.

He’s also sleeping less, not going to the gym, and drinking “enough for nine men.” I don’t know which nine men he means, but I’m guessing they’re lightweights. Come on out to Chicago, Jeff. I’ll show you nine men who will match you martini for martini and leave you passed out in the bathroom as they hop to the next bar. You’re buying, though, so bring plenty of cash.

When we left Casa de Lewis last season, he had a staff of five: Jenni (the CFO), Zoila (the maid), Trace (the design assistant), Sara (the administrative assistant) and Jett (the house assistant). The new design assistant is forgettable, and she’s not listed on the Season 4 Bios site so she’s probably out soon anyway.

Jeff has nothing but harsh words for the long-time team members in his employ. From fighting with Jenni in front of a client to berating and interrogating Zoila whenever she tries to leave the house, it’s nothing but irritation all around.

Sarah, Jett and Trace seem to fall under his good graces, though, despite Sarah’s less-than-stellar performance, Jett bringing his baby to the house, and Trace not putting the company at the top of his list of concerns. To be honest, the three of them are actually trying to do what Jeff asks, while Jenni and Zoila have long since given up on making that man happy.

He’s gotten four projects for this season: remodeling a restaurant, a mansion, a bungalow, and a New York City housing department building. He’s also still remodeling the salon that he started last season, plus running all over town to do consults. He and Jenni are in the car almost all day with nothing to do but fight and eat.

And so, the stress of this increased work load has taken its toll on Jeff. Family lunch has been replaced with fast food in the Mercedes and evening happy hour. While his flipouts are to be expected (and in fact are the basis for the show), he’s lost the humor that he used to throw around as often as his meltdowns.I can only imagine how much longer this will go on before he snaps or his staff starts snapping back. If it were a regular job they’d probably walk, but we all know they aren’t going anywhere unless Jeff cans them.

In previews for next week’s show, he lays it down for Sarah (maybe, or that new designer, I couldn’t tell) and Trace that money needs to start coming in or he won’t be able to keep his staff. He tells them that Jenni is “clueless” and essentially he can’t trust her to get her job done.

I hope this season isn’t as angry and uncomfortable as the premiere episode was. If I wanted to hear people being berated for every conceivable thing they do at work, I would have stuck with my old job.

Do you think Jeff will have a meltdown, or will he learn to take a deep breath and a big boy pill and push through? Is Ryan really gone for good? How come Zoila doesn’t already have TiVo? Let me know in the comments, or give me a shout on Twitter!

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