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Make Extra Money with UBidRight or eBizAuctions and Others

Make Extra Money: 38 Creative Side Hustle Ideas For 2020

Make Extra Money: 38 Creative Side Hustle Ideas For 2020

Yesterday, the Associated Press reported that people are currently trying to sell their prized belongings in order to pay for raising food, gas, and medical expenses. This Associate Press article was interesting to read, but it seemed to ignore actual directions on what you must know before trying to sell your belongs to pay bills; not all sales methods are equal.

eBay Auctions is the global sales place that we have all heard about. In theory, people without any sales experience can take a photo of their item and sell it online through this auction site. What eBay doesn’t tell you is that they will end up with about 25% of your final sales price through fee’s associated with their site and with their banking company PayPal.

eBay also has a high rate of scammers trying to use the site; some will buy something from you and pay. When you ship, they will reverse charges on payment and keep your items free. There are many of these types of scams happening on eBay. If you choose to use the eBay site to make some extra money, always be on guard for problems.

EBizAuctions and places like this are simply people like you selling on eBay who will sell and ship your auctions for an extra fee over and above what eBay requests. You give them your item to look at, they decide what it is, they run the ads, and they ship. Later, you get any money left over from the sale that was not used in fees to eBizAuctions and eBay. (Read below if you need to know how to identify and price your own items.) is one of many smaller non-eBay auction sites online today. At UBidRight when you sign up free, you give them one dollar to verify that your online bank account is properly connected to the site; they give you 25.00 in credits to use on the site. This means that everything is free to sell on this site. This credit money covers the 2% of sales fee’s that you would normally pay to them when an item sells.

What you do with these smaller auctions sites, is to go over to eBay to see how much your item is selling for there, and put that price on it as a “buy now” price. Do not run auctions on the smaller sites, just put down the price that you want for your item.

Tax Rebates are beginning to come in, and most people who are trying to sell their belongings online to pay bills already have this refund money spent. Before actually spending it, you should stop and consider tomorrow. If you can not afford food, gas, or medical bills now, where will you be in one year if everything doubles?

Buy Transportation: You may want to use a part of your tax refund check to buy yourself some gas-free transportation. If you save gas money by using an alternative form of transportation, that money can help to pay the rising food costs. Click on the name to see samples of cheap electric scooters, electric bicycles, and adult trikes.

Buy Food: Here is another idea on where to spend a little of that tax refund check is on food and home supplies. If your home does not have flour, sugar, salt, real rice, dried beans, and popcorn sitting in the kitchen because you do not know how to cook with these traditional foods; now is the time to learn.

Example: My thick tortilla shells cost 8-cents each to make; store bought are 36-cents each in the 2.89 per 8 packages. You pay for people to pre-make your food. If they can make it, so can you. All of the recipes that you need are online.

Craft Shows are interesting ways to make money around the holiday season. Start during the summer months and make handmade items out of things that you have around the house to sell at these shows. A trick that some of us use to make sales, is that we make items that the other sellers can buy from us to make their crafts with. When people can not afford to buy gifts, they are often in the market for craft parts.

Group Food Prices: Buying food for others can make you money. How this works is that one person in the neighborhood offers to use their time, car, and gas to go get food for everybody else. Food is bought by the case so that everybody receives a cheap price on their order. The person shopping gets “x” per order for the delivery; this “x” pays for the gas and your time to go do the grocery shopping for everybody.

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