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Identity Fraud

Identity theft or tax fraud ? | No More Tax

Identity fraud is also known as an identity theft crime. It occurs when someone obtains information about another person and uses it deceivingly or for financial gain. Cases of identity theft have increased over the years. Whether you are an individual or you represent a business, there are many steps you can take to prevent identity theft or fraud from occurring.


Finding Protection from Identity Fraud

Identities can be stolen in a large number of ways. Valuable information such as social security numbers, a bank account numbers, credit card numbers, or other personal information can fall into the wrong hands if you are not careful about protecting this information. Sometimes, identity theft will happen, even after you have taken all the necessary steps for protecting information. In all cases of identity theft, you should report the crime immediately.

There are a few steps you can take to prevent identity fraud from happening to you. First, you should be very careful about giving out personal information to others. You should also check your financial information, such as bank statements, on a regular basis to make sure that everything is listed correctly. You can also ask for a copy of your credit report from time to time to make sure that fraudulent activity has not taken place.

Identity fraud is an ongoing problem for many financial institutions. Fortunately, a law was recently passed that requires financial institutions to screen all applicants before approving initiation of an account. Many great programs are available that can help financial institutions to monitor government watch lists and to screen applicants easily and effectively at a minimal cost.

Fraud Protection Solutions

Why Credit Card Fraud Protection Solutions Need to Evolve


Fraud protection solutions are necessary for large businesses as well as for individuals. Solutions may include web-based services, software programs, or other technologies to prevent fraud from occurring. These solutions are most important for financial institutions because they are required to actively prevent fraud by law.

After the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, the USA PATRIOT Act was established to prevent future cases of fraud and terrorism. Two articles of this act single out requirements for financial institutions. According to sections 314 A and 326, banks must verify the identities of prospective customers and check customer databases regularly with government watch lists. These methods help financial institutions to detect potential threats to the financial system before they are allowed to use the system.


Options for Fraud Protection Solutions

Without fraud protection solutions, it would be very difficult for financial institutions to comply with the USA PATRIOT Act. Solutions can be found primarily online and most programs will use the Internet to provide information for financial institutions. For instance, when financial institutions use an OFAC watch program, they are allowed access to online OFAC lists and government watch lists for information about possible terrorists, criminals, or money launderers.

ID verification is one of the best fraud protection solutions available to financial institutions. This program is cost effective, web-based, and easy to use. ID verification programs can crosscheck over 23 billion records to verify the identities of different individuals. It also screens customer databases against government watch lists and organizes data into specific areas for easy viewing by financial institutions.


5 Tips to keep your organization safe from employee fraudThere are many different types of con artist crimes that you may encounter, including telephone, identity, internet, insurance, and credit card fraud. Identity theft seems to be the most common of these scams. With identity theft, con artists will wrongfully obtain personal information and will use it for financial gain. Your identity can be stolen from any source that has access to your personal information, such as a credit card number, social security number, address, age, date of birth, or employment history.

There are many ways for individuals to cut down on their chances of being a victim of fraud. Always shred any papers that have personal information, including ATM receipts and credit card receipts. It’s often much more difficult for businesses, because of their large size. Business solutions are much more complex.


Combating Fraud

If you are a victim of identity theft or another type of fraud, you should report your situation to authorities immediately. Authorities will need to see copies of all possible evidence and take a statement from you in order to investigate your case. There are ways that you can prevent identity theft and other crimes from occurring. You should be careful about giving out any personal information and you should check all financial records on a regular basis.

Banks and other financial institutions have taken drastic steps in fighting fraud, money laundering, identity theft, and terrorism. Since September 11, 2001, new mandates for fighting terrorism have been enforced. Financial institutions are now required to screen all applicants for new accounts and compare their names to government watch lists to ensure greater levels of national security. Many institutions use software programs to help them in this process.


Fraud Protection

Fraud Epidemic Costs £3.2 Trillion GloballyFraud protection is an important consideration for businesses, financial institutions, and for individuals. There has been a steady increase of fraudulent activity over the years and many new services are available to help prevent fraud from occurring. These services are primarily designed to help businesses or financial institutions to verify identities of potential clients.


Fraud Protection Options

If you are worried about fraud on an individual basis, there are a few important steps that you can take. First of all, you should make sure to check financial statements on a regular basis. You can look at your bank statements or view a copy of your credit report to search for any suspicious behavior. You should also make sure to be stingy in giving out any personal information such as your social security number or bank account number.

Financial institutions are required to use fraud protection methods by law. The USA PATRIOT Act was established in 2001 to prevent future cases of fraud and terrorism. Sections 314 and 326 specifically pertain to financial institutions and fraud. These sections require that institutions check government watch lists and screen all account applicants before opening any new accounts.

Financial institutions and businesses now have the option of obtaining fraud protection services to aid them in complying with the USA PATRIOT Act. Some of the most valuable services will include background watches and ID verification technology. All of these services make screening applicants an easy and efficient process.

Cheap Anonymous Merchant Accounts

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In an increasingly plastic-focused business environment, cheap anonymous merchant accounts can be invaluable. Time was, most small businesses could get by on cash and checks. But those days are long gone, and smart business owners will take advantage of the best new credit card solutions available.

Happily, those solutions are easier to find and implement than ever. Thanks to the small-business focus of a few of the top merchant account providers in the industry, businesses of any size can now take plastic like the biggest game in town. With fewer Americans even carrying cash than ever before, that is more than a luxury; it is a necessity.


Secure, Cheap Anonymous Merchant Accounts

Of course, even the most effective cheap anonymous merchant accounts would be worth little without proper fraud protection. Fortunately, the top merchant account providers make security their primary focus. From pre-authorization fraud screening to two separate levels of authorizational screening, savvy small businesses can now enjoy the same security advantages previously relegated to their wealthier competitors.

With so much on the line, the time to consider embracing new credit card technology is now. We encourage you to peruse our educational links, and to do as much independent research as you can. And then we encourage you to make a confident decision that makes sense for you and the future of your business.


Alternative Financing

What is 'alternative' finance? | Business CornwallIf you are a small business owner on the hunt for alternative financing vehicles, your timing is impeccable. For years, of course, few small businesses had the collateral or credit history to qualify for traditional bank loans offering favorable terms. And among that subset of businesses that did qualify, an even smaller number could comfortably make their monthly payments with consistency in a tumultuous economy.

In the last few years, however, a remarkable alternative financing solution has emerged. The central innovation of this new solution is that repayment is based not upon strict monthly payments, but upon a set percentage of monthly income. As such, small business owners who avail themselves of such alternative loans obtain not only the working capital they need, but also the confidence that comes from knowing that they will be able to comfortably repay that capital–in good times and bad.


The Speed of Alternative Financing

While small business owners need infusions of operating capital for a wide variety of reasons, such needs typically share in common an element of time sensitivity. Whether you are looking to expand, meet unexpected expenses, or even buy out a partner, the likelihood is that time is of the essence. Fortunately, the premier alternative financing solutions can provide you with substantial lump sums of cash in as little as ten workdays.

The pace of today’s small business economy is relentless. Companies that do not have secure, reliable sources of operating capital with which to stay afloat in stormy economic weather risk going under. Now that next-generation financing solutions are so easily found, there is simply no reason to take that chance.

What Do You Need To Know About Sale And Purchase Agreement?

SPA or ‘Sale and Purchasing Agreement’ in full is a contract that ensures the buyer to make purchase and seller to sell its services or product. This contract is widely found in businesses but real estate deals use this paperwork as a legal contract before the deal is made. Since it is well related to real estate purchasing, here are some advices for you to use this agreement in buying a house.

The format of this agreement should show the names of both the buyer and seller. If names are shown then this is not a valid agreement. Some people have similar name but they are differentiated with social security number. Besides that, the agreement should outline all the agreed terms and condition in obtaining the property with the property’s address and relevant details are shown as well.

Furthermore, you must ensure that the Sale and Purchasing Agreement includes the financial details. The sum of money that you are going to pay for the property should be broken down in detail. For example, it should state the actual cost of the house, the lawyer fees required for the ownership transfer and so on.

Next, the terms and condition agreed by both seller and buyer should be listed down specifically. This is to make sure that no misunderstanding or misleading fact to occur during the deal in the future. Sometimes agents are tricky and they can just twist and turn the facts if the agreement is not written down properly. Do not hesitate to do this before making any transaction, as you may just lose your money for no reason.

Lastly, be sure of what you are paying in the agreement. If nothing is listed down, the seller can just push all the other fees like processing fee and legal fee to you. Hence, you should always clarify with the seller before signing the contract.

Simple Steps to Personal Finance

If you want to get wealthy, your first priority is not always how to land a job that will pay you big time. What you should concentrate on instead is coming to terms with personal finance. This is actually more important, because personal finance will determine how far your money will go for you, and how good you are at making something – even a small amount of cash – a whole lot more significant.

There are many things you can do right now in order to get wealthy, and the very first step that you should take when it comes to personal finance is to live beneath your means. Simple living is the first step to personal finance. Just have what you need and learn to want what you already have. If you adopt this mindset, you will discover that at the end of the month you will be able to set aside more money from your payroll for you to invest in a variety of ways.

Most people think that in order to get wealthy they need to keep saving and keep stashing their money in the bank account. While personal finance dictates that having a significant amount of money in the bank (for emergency purposes), the truth is that this really is not a good get-rich move. The reason for this is because banks only give a small percentage of interest per annum – so you are better off investing your money elsewhere!  Ideally, you should keep your money just a little below the maximum insurance the bank is guaranteeing each depositor, and no more than this should you put in one account.

With your extra fund, you can do a variety of things to get wealthy. Part of your personal finance portfolio is to put some of your money into mutual funds. If you want to get rich, mutual funds are a way to go. Diversify your personal finance portfolio by choosing two different kinds of funds – a low risk fund where you put a good sum if you are just a first timer and a medium risk fund if you have enough money to spare and would like a little bit more excitement in terms of highs and lows in gains. Having two different funds will mean you have the safety and excitement of investment working for you.

Another great method to get wealthy is to invest in real estate. Well recommended by real estate investors, this “get rich” strategy can’t fail especially at this moment in time. Investing in real estate today, when prices and interest rates are so low, will position you for great wealth not only through the rental income and future sale of the properties, but also from the many tax strategies available to investment property owners. Your personal finance situation will change considerably with such a smart move. Buying a property now when real estate prices are lower than usual due to economical factors, is a wise decision. As the owner of a real estate property you can rent it obtaining a constant income. When prices rise, you can sell the property making a profit and successfully completing a real estate investment to get wealthy.

Let us say that you really wanted to get rich and be in control of your personal finance, investing safely but want to up your efforts as well. What could probably work for you at this point is to put your money in stocks. Ideally, consulting with a financial planner is the best step to do before you embark on this particular journey of personal finance. A financial planner will be able to tell you which particular company you should try to put your stocks in and can save you a lot of funds if it is time to move out such funds and put them elsewhere.

What professional futures trading services do

Why do most professional traders trade futures? - Quora

Futures trading is a kind of investment that has to do with speculating about the up and down movement in the prices of commodities in the future. Such commodities include wheat, corn, gold, steel, currency, cotton and lumber e.t.c. If you want to succeed in this business, then you must utilize professional trading services.

These services use their experience to ensure that you get the best out of your futures trading investment. They provide trading platforms with secure and reliable access to the global markets. They also provide investors with access managed future vehicles like commodity trading advisors, public futures funds and trading systems. Customers also get free access to Forex trading, where they can trade in over 120 currency pairs anytime, anywhere. For market analysis and education, the services provide resources like trading recommendations; future charts, margins and quotes; and timely research to develop trading services. To relate and build relationships with clients they provide trade desk support and 24-hours order desk.

What is an Investment Loan?

Many people understand what a loan is, but few know the difference between some of the most common loans available. If you want to apply for an investment loan, then you are either purchasing a home that will not be your primary residence or buying into a business. A very simplified explanation of an investment loan is that it is money borrowed for a money making venture. One of the most popular types of investment loan is for the process of property. More and more individuals are taking advantage of the struggling housing market to supplement their income.

It is important to remember that an investment loan is not a business loan. When it comes to investing in a business, there is a fine line between an investment loan and a new business loan. While they may seem very closely related the business loan is designed to fund the start of a business where an investment loan is to take advantage of investment opportunities. While all of this may sound confusing there is a simple way to remember what the different loans are used for if you simply remember that an investment loan is used when a person wants to supplement their income.

This type of loan is not usually acquired by individuals who want to change their careers, but to simply make a little extra money through an investment opportunity. This type of opportunity can be anything from purchasing rental property to investing in a new business or invention. The possibilities are endless when it comes to this type of business venture. One of the easiest and most popular types of investment opportunities is the purchase of a secondary property. This is the purchase of a home or land that you do not intend to use as your primary residence.

When it comes to purchasing investment property there are two main ways that a person will make a profit. They will either resale the home after making improvements for a profit or they will become a landlord. This is also one of the most popular ways of supplementing an income. This does have the potential of adding hundreds or even thousands of extra dollars a month into your pocket once the loan is paid. It is also one of the most popular ways for people to ease out of the “traditional” workforce. Some individuals will slowly purchase investment properties and can eventually support themselves on the income from their properties.

There are many ways that individuals find to supplement their income, however if they did not have access to investment loans it would much more difficult for these individuals to take advantage of different investment opportunities. It is also important to remember that buying additional property is not the only type of investment that is available. Depending on how much you are willing to risk there are many investment opportunities available to supplement an income. One of the most popular ways to take advantage of these opportunities is through investment loans.