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The Benefits of Knowing Your Credit Score -The One Reason Your Credit Score is Crucial!

Who else is trying to figure out the benefit of knowing your credit score? Does knowing your score help you get a better rate on your loan? How about qualify for a fancier credit card….or even get a better insurance rate, or job offer? Does simply having your score handy offer any of these advantages….or is it simply a small step in an overall SMART financial strategy? Any of these questions sound familiar? If they do…..we’ve written this article with YOU in mind! Curious to know more? Great…continue reading as we take a closer look below!

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There really is NO other way to say it. Those that have their financial ducks ORGANIZED and arranged, do FAR better than those that don’t….EVEN when those that don’t have better credit than those of us who do! Sound confusing? Let me explain..:-) The simple truth is that your credit score may be the most important set of numbers affixed to your identity that you DON’T always know.

Your cholesterol level, your age, your favorite fantasy baseball players batting average and other miscellaneous numbers are CONSTANTLY on the tip of our tongue. But while abstract, the simple truth is that your credit score can influence the job you have, the neighborhood you live in, the life insurance you own and even the educational opportunities you are able to offer your children….or family.

Knowing your credit score BEFORE you apply for a loan, or make a major financial decision is paramount to being prepared to maximize your options…and opportunities.

Failure to know your score is to me, the essence of being vulnerable, and allowing yourself to be VICTIMIZED like so many we’ve read about in the housing, banking and job market collapses of the past few years.

The Bottom Line?

Yes, people make mistakes and have difficulty paying back credit, or loans, or any other obstacles that crop up over time. That’s not a “sin”…and it happens to everyone. Being prepared, however and making SURE you are responsible enough to check and monitor your credit, is a decision that each of us control.

And being smart, savvy and proactive is a GREAT way of guaranteeing you get the best opportunities available…and NEVER get victimized again!

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