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Alternative Financing

What is 'alternative' finance? | Business Cornwall

What is 'alternative' finance? | Business CornwallIf you are a small business owner on the hunt for alternative financing vehicles, your timing is impeccable. For years, of course, few small businesses had the collateral or credit history to qualify for traditional bank loans offering favorable terms. And among that subset of businesses that did qualify, an even smaller number could comfortably make their monthly payments with consistency in a tumultuous economy.

In the last few years, however, a remarkable alternative financing solution has emerged. The central innovation of this new solution is that repayment is based not upon strict monthly payments, but upon a set percentage of monthly income. As such, small business owners who avail themselves of such alternative loans obtain not only the working capital they need, but also the confidence that comes from knowing that they will be able to comfortably repay that capital–in good times and bad.


The Speed of Alternative Financing

While small business owners need infusions of operating capital for a wide variety of reasons, such needs typically share in common an element of time sensitivity. Whether you are looking to expand, meet unexpected expenses, or even buy out a partner, the likelihood is that time is of the essence. Fortunately, the premier alternative financing solutions can provide you with substantial lump sums of cash in as little as ten workdays.

The pace of today’s small business economy is relentless. Companies that do not have secure, reliable sources of operating capital with which to stay afloat in stormy economic weather risk going under. Now that next-generation financing solutions are so easily found, there is simply no reason to take that chance.

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