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5 Tips to keep your organization safe from employee fraud

5 Tips to keep your organization safe from employee fraudThere are many different types of con artist crimes that you may encounter, including telephone, identity, internet, insurance, and credit card fraud. Identity theft seems to be the most common of these scams. With identity theft, con artists will wrongfully obtain personal information and will use it for financial gain. Your identity can be stolen from any source that has access to your personal information, such as a credit card number, social security number, address, age, date of birth, or employment history.

There are many ways for individuals to cut down on their chances of being a victim of fraud. Always shred any papers that have personal information, including ATM receipts and credit card receipts. It’s often much more difficult for businesses, because of their large size. Business solutions are much more complex.


Combating Fraud

If you are a victim of identity theft or another type of fraud, you should report your situation to authorities immediately. Authorities will need to see copies of all possible evidence and take a statement from you in order to investigate your case. There are ways that you can prevent identity theft and other crimes from occurring. You should be careful about giving out any personal information and you should check all financial records on a regular basis.

Banks and other financial institutions have taken drastic steps in fighting fraud, money laundering, identity theft, and terrorism. Since September 11, 2001, new mandates for fighting terrorism have been enforced. Financial institutions are now required to screen all applicants for new accounts and compare their names to government watch lists to ensure greater levels of national security. Many institutions use software programs to help them in this process.


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