How to Get Car Insurance | Detailed Guide

Getting your car insured is the next thing you should do after paying for the car. In this article, I will be giving the necessary information you need on how to get car insurance. Endeavor to carefully read all the information contained on this page.

How to Get Car Insurance

You have three options for purchasing auto insurance: directly from an insurance provider, over the phone with an agent, or via a free internet insurance marketplace like Policygenius.

No matter how you decide to purchase auto insurance, begin by compiling the necessary data, such as the social security numbers of all the household’s drivers, your license number, and information about your vehicle. Then:

While there are a few ways to obtain auto insurance, comparing rates online from several providers is the best and most effective way to do it in 2022. In this way, you may easily get the coverage you require at the lowest prices in your neighborhood.

1. Determine the amount of motor insurance you require.

One of the most crucial steps in purchasing auto insurance is determining how much coverage you require. More than $537 million was spent on medical expenses related to fatal motor vehicle accidents in 2020 [1]. It is crucial to make sure you are properly insured in case of an accident because of this monetary cost.

In general, drivers should purchase the most liability insurance they can manage. It’s a good idea to get comprehensive and collision coverage, but how much insurance you need also depends on how much your car is worth.

Most insurance companies have optional extra coverage you can add to your policy, such as roadside assistance or new car replacement coverage (just remember that more coverage means higher rates).

There are minimum standards for auto insurance coverage in each state. The minimum requirements set by your state are a good place to start when deciding on coverage, but they are insufficient to protect you in the event of a serious accident.

2. Complete the application

You must have the following information on hand whether you’re purchasing auto insurance for the first time, adding a vehicle, or renewing your policy with the same insurer:

  • Names, birthdates, and license numbers for all household drivers
  • Social Security numbers for all household drivers
  • All vehicles’ VINs, or vehicle identification numbers, or make and model years
  • An insured person’s address (where you live and where the car is garaged, which is usually the same place)
  • If you have it, the declarations page from your most recent previous auto insurance policy

Your responses to certain questions throughout the application process, including as if you have any violations or accidents on your record, whether you are a full-time student, and whether your car has features like an anti-theft device or GPS tracker, may result in discounts on your coverage.

When you apply for insurance, you will also choose the limitations for your coverage. Having higher coverage levels is generally a smart idea, even though doing so can increase your auto insurance costs. Additionally, you must decide on the deductible levels for your collision and comprehensive insurance.

Some optional forms of coverage that you don’t really need or desire may be automatically added when you receive an online quotation or utilize a car insurance calculator.

For instance, you don’t have to pay extra to add roadside assistance to your auto insurance policy if you are a AAA member and already have it. No deposit is required when purchasing a car insurance policy, but you will be required to pay your first payment in full upfront.

3. Evaluate prices for car insurance

Before choosing a policy, it’s a good idea to seek prices from a few different insurance providers. Before you begin shopping, you should also have a general notion of how much you can afford to spend on insurance.

Find the insurance provider with the highest level of coverage, the best level of client care, and the most affordable pricing. When selecting insurance, be sure to carefully assess your needs. Families, for instance, can require different insurance than do lone persons.

Not sure which business to choose? Before choosing a policy, use our compare car insurance page or our list of the best car insurance providers to discover more about your alternatives.

4. Select a plan and obtain insurance.

It’s time to get protected once you’ve reviewed your prices and selected an insurance provider you feel happy about. When you purchase a car insurance policy, you choose the start date for your coverage and pay the first premium.

Typically, your insurer will send you a welcome package with information on how to get into your account and where to find your ID cards or declarations page, along with a copy of your proof of coverage. You will receive multiple declarations documents if you combine your renter’s insurance or homeowners insurance with your auto insurance policy.

5. Cancel your current car insurance coverage.

Wait until your new coverage is in place before canceling your previous policy if you’ve been looking for auto insurance to replace an existing policy. Make sure your coverage is comprehensive and without gaps.

Set the effective date of your new policy and the date that your old policy expires on the same day to accomplish this. You don’t have to worry about having a whole day of overlapping insurance because insurance policies start and stop at 12:01 AM on a specific day.

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