How to Open a Bank Account on Your Phone

Making digital payments and signing up for mobile money accounts have become more popular across the continent in recent years. In this article, I will teach you how to open a bank account on your phone, and every other thing you need to know about banking with your phone.

Anyone may open a bank account in Nigeria using just their mobile phone and a Nigerian phone number, thanks to the country’s banks. The Central Bank of Nigeria has approved these “Easy Banking” bank accounts.

With this convenient choice, you may access crucial financial services like savings, money transfers, bill payments, and cash withdrawals without a debit card. Monito is here to help you understand how to access and utilize these banking services because they are crucial instruments for achieving financial security and success.

We’ll go over everything you need to open a bank account on your phone in this article. Then, we’ll go over everything you need to know about opening an account and provide you with a few important choices among Nigerian banks.

What are the Various Options Needed To Open a Bank Account in Nigerian with Your Phone

With Nigeria’s instant easy banking, customers only need a mobile phone to access basic financial services, as well as airtime and data top-ups.

What is required to open a Nigerian bank account without a BVN is listed below:

  • First & last name;
  • Date of birth.
  • Phone number;
  • Mobile phone;

Is it possible for an Individual to Open A Bank Account Without a BVN Number?

All of Nigeria’s main banks provide mobile banking that is simple to use, and none of them require a BVN number (bank verification number) to sign up for mobile banking. Criteria such as creating forms, a photo ID that clerly identifies you and your nationality, and the rest of those things are not needed.

However, some banks might ask you to make a one-time trip to a nearby branch to confirm your identity and create or link your BVN in order to get the full benefits of your account. While First Bank Nigeria, FCMB, and Fidelity Bank do not require one-time visits for verification and BVN connection, Zenith Bank, UBA, and GT Bank do.

What are the Steps Needed For an Individual to Open an Instant Digitally Bank Account in Nigeria

In Nigeria, opening an instant bank account on your mobile phone is a fairly simple process that only involves a few easy steps.

To start, you should decide which Nigerian bank you want to use for banking. Six of Nigeria’s most reputable banks are included in the fourth section of this article, and you can use them for simple mobile banking.

Call the number provided by your chosen bank on your mobile device to open an account. The Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) code at this number will guide you through the establishment of a bank account. After registering, you will receive a 10-digit account number (NUBAN) by SMS. This is the number for your official bank account, so be sure to remember it and keep it secure.

To open an account with any major Nigerian bank, follow these seven steps:

  1. Choose your desired Nigerian bank
  2. Use your phone to call the USSD code for your bank.
  3. Choose the option to create an account.
  4. Enter your name, birth date, and any other required information.
  5. Establish your PIN
  6. SMS delivery of 10-digit NUBAN
  7. If necessary, visit a local branch to link your BVN.

How Quickly Can I Create an Account on My Phone?

It doesn’t take long to open a Nigerian bank account on your phone. No information is needed to open or manage the account.

Your account will be immediately usable once you’ve finished the procedures to access it digitally on your phone. These accounts can be used to send and receive money from any bank in Nigeria, just like regular bank accounts, and they can be handled from anywhere in Nigeria.

What are the Top Best Banks to Consider for Opening a Bank Account With your Mobile Phone

The biggest and most reputable banks in Nigeria are listed here, along with their special USSD codes that you must dial in order to open an account.

  • First City Monument Bank
  • First Bank Nigeria
  • UBA
  • Zenith Bank
  • Fidelity Bank
  • GT Bank

Nigeria’s banking sector has embraced inexpensive yet efficient phone technology to broaden financial inclusion throughout the nation. These “easy banking” bank accounts are secure thanks to PINs and bank verification numbers.

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