Is Finance a Good Career Path

Is Finance a good career path? This is one important question that a lot of young people who what to venture into Finance ask nowadays. So to further guide you we have provided you with well-researched and structured information to guide you on it before you embark on this journey. This is to help you not to do unnecessary mistakes. Making mistakes could be very costly and you won’t love to be a victim of circumstances.

It’s no secret that the financial industry is prosperous, but is it a worthwhile career path? Well, to begin with, it’s so popular that you’ll unavoidably come across several TikToks per day attempting to persuade you to pursue finance in some way (sometimes through very shady means).

Is Finance a Good Career Path

We’re here to provide you with a thorough analysis of whether a job in finance is one you should consider (and we guarantee you won’t need to purchase our “book” or supplement bottle for this).

Most students who are still in school or who have recently graduated do not think of finance as their first career choice. At that age, we don’t consider professional advancement or skill upgrading! In actuality, the majority of us really wanted to go straight into whatever brings us the greatest joy, and let’s face it, a job in finance isn’t exactly fun.

But hey, we say, don’t dismiss it before giving it a shot! Finance is actually not nearly as boring as most people think it is, and the payoff is definitely worth it even if it doesn’t turn out to be your “thing.”

Pros Associated With Fiance Career


Let’s start with the aspect of finance employment that is the most exciting: the money. As we previously stated, it’s no secret that employment in finance pays well, regardless of your role. Of course, the sector guarantees a five-figure pay on the high end, but you can easily reach six figures if you plan your career path appropriately.

Whatever the case, there is a 100% likelihood that you will earn and receive an above-average wage for your labor. Therefore, if earning a lot of money is your aim, working in finance is a definite method to get it.

Career development

Finance is still a fantastic option if you want to advance in your career and soar to greater heights. The sector will always have a need for financial experts, from investment bankers to portfolio managers, and as new businesses emerge, this demand only increases, providing more chances for you to advance your career and gain more expertise.

The best thing, though? This implies that your job security will increase as a result. Your chances of keeping your job increase with how well-integrated you become with the industry, and particularly with a firm. In comparison to sectors like hospitality, finance also has a comparatively low staff turnover rate, with a comfortable 28.5% as of 2021. So, give that some serious thought.

Global Opportunities

Some people adore their current location, while others long to travel. Finance allows you access to doors that would otherwise be closed to many. If you’re thinking about relocating, there are a ton of chances around the world that you may take advantage of whenever you want.

This is only made worse by the fact that the financial industry offers lots of excellent networking possibilities, which will only broaden your reach.

If you have long-term ambitions to relocate, the main problem here would be the nature of your expertise and the demand for that particular qualification in a particular nation, therefore it is better to start your study immediately.

Cons Associated With Fiance Career

So we know the main advantages of following finance as a professional path, but what about the disadvantages? The disadvantages associated with choosing a career in the Finance industry are listed below.


You lose if you sleep. In finance, this is actually very literal. Recall how we mentioned it was difficult. Those difficulties will require a lot of your effort. When assessing and switching between tasks, you need to be able to think critically on the spot. Additionally, as finance involves a lot of numbers, you must be proficient in mathematics. And trust us when we say that it can become complicated.

Go forward if you’re comfortable with numbers and confident in your ability to solve problems. If not, you might want to pause and reconsider.

High Stress

Nobody is at all surprised by the fact that finance is difficult. Its demanding tasks, cyclical nature, and quick speed would drive a softer person to tears. Depending on your unique job role, you must always keep an eye on every single detail because letting anything slip might easily cost the business a lot of money and your career.

Maintaining motivation and controlling your stress levels at work will be challenging in the banking industry since, unlike creative fields of work, there are few opportunities for experimentation and pleasure. You’ll need to carve out some time away from work to deal with these problems, or else you risk collapsing under the weight of it all.

Now that we’ve covered the key benefits and drawbacks of choosing a career in finance, it’s critical to remember that no matter what field you work in, the beginning years will be difficult. Before you can advance in your career, you’ll need to establish yourself and understand the ropes.

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