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Our Experts

Our Experts
What you see before you is our young team of experts

Milos Doshen, CEO
Milos Dosen’s area of expertise is IPE (International Political Economy) so most of his research is dealing with effects of politics on specific everyday issues.
Dominic Godwinson, Global Economy Consulting
Public Sector Specialist for International Finances and Operations Officer at PFS. Focused mainly on the Investment Climate: assessing country conditions for private enterprise operation and growth, and developing strategy and operations to address key constraints.
Melissa Davis, Senior Financial Economist
Melissa Davis is a Senior Financial Economist in the Finance and Private Sector Development. A central focus of her work is the financial sector, her research interests include social and economic development as well as evaluation of business constraints.
Michael Stockman, Insurance Strategist and Analytics
Personal finance consultant and freelance writer primarily dealing with insurance policies, their application in specific cases, and general trends of the trade.
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