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What Do You Need To Look For In A Real Estate Agreement

If you are intending to build a house, it is essential for you to do some researching on the builder’s reputation as well as its past records. Any complaints lodged to the Board of Contractors or even any other financial irregularities against that particular company will definitely cost you a lot of troubles. Make sure that you do your homework before deciding on one builder.

Another thing that you will need to take note is that in your contract, it should be stated that you are given an adequate time to perform inspection on your newly built home. You are advised to hire your own guy to inspect the house. This is because the agent that the builder recommends will always favour the builder instead.

Your real estate agreement should give a period of time to make any cancellation without charging you any penalty. The agreement too must have the components where you are able to look into every aspects of your home’s stability and not to mention having the right to make appropriate arrangements financially. Take note that the exact price is written in the agreement. Other items which are included need to be specified as well.

If you are considering to purchase a house owned by some other people previously, you will want to have it notated in your document of what furnishings and also appliances that will stay in that house. This is to avoid any misconduct of items where items that you thought will be there for you to use are taken away by the seller. In the agreement, which expenses paid by who are to be stated down clearly.  Negotiate with your seller on stuffs that you are required to pay for. This is to avoid you from paying excessively. One last note is that, you should read the real estate agreement thoroughly and carefully. If you have any doubts on any areas, consult those who are responsible so that these problems can be solved.

Unsecured Loans Bad Credit – To Fight With Fiscal Difficulties

While most of the lenders prefer providing loan against the collateral, you can also get the loan where you don’t need to give anything against the loan money. Tenants and non home owners can opt for unsecured loans bad credit without being worried about the collateral. This is one of the good news but if you want to surprised yourself then here it is these loans are for people who have adverse credit history and also can not pledge collateral to get the loan.

You might have the tag like default, late payment, CCJs, IVA and bankruptcy and you also can not pledge so no need to worry the doors are still open. These loans offer small money in comparison of secured loans but sufficient to give you financial coverage. You can satisfy the needs like wedding plans, higher education, house renovation, or holiday trip and so on. The interest rate will be slighter higher than any other normal loans but it will not make a big difference.

The amount offered by these is small and that ranges from £1,000 to £25,000 for 1 to 10 years. Your financial condition will decide actual size of the amount. Try to repay the loan in small amount so that you will not feel burden. If you are thinking to go for unsecured loans bad credit then you must be a UK citizen and 18 years old. You should have fixed income source with an active bank account. If you have these qualities then you can go for these loans smoothly.

You can apply for these loans online so there is no need to go outside for taking the loan. Just fill out the online application form with some necessary details and avail the loan.

Cash Before Payday: Provides Sumptuous Amount For Emergencies

If it is need for urgent cash that keeps bothering you most of the months then why are you going through the same financial state again and again? The loan market today is so full of great various loans that you will not have to waste a single minute in knowing about a loan and taking it up. These are just very easily available and the one that can be named right in one breathe is the cash before payday loans.

These loans can very well understand what your emergency is and hence, you will not have to waste more than a day’s time in waiting for the loan to be deposited in your bank account. The applied amount gets approved and dispatched on the same day of applying just because these loans are totally free from any kind of lengthy paper work. In fact, another best thing to be named in this context is that all kind of poor credit holders are allowed in it. Among the poor credit records the most commonly found ones include:

Late payment



Skipping of instalments


County Court Judgements or

Individual Voluntary Arrangements

The next best thing to be named about the cash advance loans is that in many circumstances the amount offered in it is more than enough. So, that means handling many of your monthly needs will be just very easy. It by the way, offers an amount ranging from £100 to £1500 and the payback term is 14 to 31 days. This amount will help you in the management of things and expenses like car repairing bills, home instalments, grocery bills, electricity bills, medical bills, child’s examination fees or loan instalments.

As the cash before payday loans are available online, one will not have to take much pain in searching for the best criteria offered by the lenders in the form of these loans. You will even enjoy benefits of comparing all available lenders and this is really very advantageous. Apart from that in the name of applying in it you will simply have to fill up and submit free online form.

The cash advance loans will hence, be truly the best helping hand in your sudden monetary crisis.

Basics of Credit Reporting

How Does It Work?

Your credit history is a reflection of how well you’ve managed your finances and repaid your debts over time. Credit reports from millions of borrowers are compared against each other using a computer program that analyses similarities, assigning a score report with weight given to varying factors. The score predicts how likely it is that you will repay future debt.

Factors Affecting Credit Rank

– Payment History (35%

– Amount of Debts Owed (30%

– Length of Credit History (15%)|

– Recent Credit (10%)

– Types of Credit (10%)

Keep Your Debt-To-Income Ratio at 20%

Creditors look for evidence that your monthly payments on non-mortgage debts take no more than 20% of your net (take home) monthly income. This is known as your debt-to-income ratio.

Credit History

Your credit history is pulled together into a credit report issued by three companies: Equifax, Experian, and Trans Union. These companies in turn, sell your credit report to lenders so they can review your past credit history.

Your credit report and credit score often vary somewhat from one company to another. Therefore, it’s important to regularly monitor your credit report from all three companies, checking for any inaccuracies.

What Included in Your Credit Report

– List of Debts, – Credit Cards, Car and Mortgage Loans

– Collection Items, such as Phone/Utility/Medical

– Public Records – Tax Liens, Bankruptcies

– Credit Inquiries ( An inquiry is made every time you request


The Cost of Credit – Monthly Payments and APR

The Truth in Lending Act requires lenders to disclose the Annual Percentage Rate (APR), on loan transactions. The APR is the amount you will pay in interest charges per year.

When looking at borrowing, consider how much the interest will cost, in addition to the loan amount and your ability to repay. The lower the rate, the better.

The Bottom Line

A good history will enable you to borrow more money at a lower cost. Try to pay your loan balances on the statement date, rather than the due date and have as much credit extended to you as possible,(this doesn’t mean you have to use it).

How It’s Possible To Get Started Trading Forex

If you’re interested in getting involved in forex trading, you will find a number of crucial items you want to grasp prior to you start. As you’re possibly aware, as much as 95% of traders in this arena burn cash, if only a couple hundred dollars. Numerous others lose fortunes amounting in thousands of bucks. However , do not let this truth turn you away from foreign exchange trading. The failures are mostly caused by mistakes on the part of newbie traders. Much of the 95% are folks giving it a try once (blank), losing cash in their very first trade, and stopping without even educating themselves about what mistake they may have made.

The reality of the case is you want to lose to win. The most terrible mistake made by traders is they go into a trade that may throw them for a financial loop if they were to lose. When the trade goes sour, they are out of the market once and for all. The reality is that even the best trading techniques out there may go thru a period of being negative for you for weeks. What you want to learn is to continue your foreign exchange investing diligently till you score a huge one. What you need to prepare yourself for is losses in the short term with winnings on the long run.

If you hope your foreign exchange investing will generate a regular predictable revenue, you’re misinformed. Trading foreign currency is really a definitely a way to earn income, but your earnings and losses may be completely unpredictable. Because of this, it is important that you have got a program in place to not lose more than you could afford. Protecting your assets and enjoying a string of small wins and even smaller losses is much easier to handle than a pleasant win followed by an overwhelming loss. Pace yourself, especially at the start when you are still new to the procedures.

To get yourself started in foreign exchange trading, you need a source that can offer you complete information in one place. Many brand new foreign exchange investors assume they need a complex trading programme to have the most success. The reality is the faster techniques are far more enduring and powerful. With less elements to destroy, you will not be needed to work as hard to produce the same amount or even much more cash than with a more involved program.

When other traders’ systems fail, your will succeed should you know your trading edge. Put simply, this is something you understand, have certainty in and could use conscientiously. To have your own investing edge, you want satisfactory foreign exchange education and knowledge thru trading on your own. Once you lose tiny amounts at the beginning of your forex investing career, you may learn from your mistakes and be ready to make a great profit in the future based primarily on what you correct now. Get ready to enter the select five percent of investors who make bank trading foreign currency.

Mexican Stocks, Silver, and Real Estate–A Ten Year Review

The Consumer Price Indexes (CPI) program of the US Department of Labor produces monthly data on changes in the prices paid by urban consumers for a representative basket of goods and services in the United States. Tracking the CPI data began in 1913 and by 1983, inflation had reached 100%. Therefore, today most all data is calculated using a 1983 base of 100. For example, a CPI of 215.3 in 2009 indicates 115.3% inflation since 1983. Below is the inflation calculator based on data provided by the U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics showing inflation during the past decade:

CPI Inflation Calculator

If in 1998 (enter year)

I purchased an item for $100

then in 2008 (enter year)

that same item would cost: $132.09

Rate of inflation change: 32.1%

The above calculator shows that if you put $100 under your mattress ten years ago it, through the inflation of goods and services during the past decade, it would be worth $76 ($100/1.32) today, i.e., worth 76% of its original value or a loss of 24% in terms of 1998 purchasing power.

In order to hedge against inflation, many advisors suggest that you buy various commodities, oil and gas, foreign dollars, Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITS), Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities (TIPS), gold, and silver, etc. All of these investment vehicles are now available through Exchange Traded Funds (ETF’s) where you don’t have to take physical possession of the commodities; for relatively small investments, gold and silver in the form of bullion or coins is readily available and simple to purchase and hold. All of these forms of hedges against inflation can be excellent, however for the purpose of this article, we’ll concentrate on silver.

Silver has always been one of Mexico’s major export materials; in fact, until just a few years ago, Mexico was the largest producer and exporter of silver in the world. Let’s assume ten years ago, instead of putting your $100 under the mattress, you bought $100 worth of silver selling at approximately $5.50/ounce. Today, at $16.65/ounce, you can sell your silver and enjoy a gain of more than 200%, i.e., your $100 investment is now worth $303 resulting in a 1999 purchasing power of $230 (76% of $303); not bad! If you’re concerned that the recent increase in silver prices is only a temporary spike, it should be known that silver was selling at $20/ounce in 1981 and when the Hunt brothers were speculating in 1980, it was driven up to over $50/ounce; now that was a spike! The last time silver was selling for $16.65/ounce was in 1981. Taking the CPI inflation index of 2.37 (1981 to 2009) into consideration, $16.65/ounce in 1981 was equivalent to almost $40/ounce (2.37 X $16.65) in today’s money and therefore it’s not too difficult to imagine a much further increase in silver prices! This logic is further reinforced when you take into consideration the weakening dollar forecasted for the near future. (see ten year silver price graph below)

The world’s leading miner and producer of silver is the Pan American Silver Corp. (PAAS), headquartered in Vancouver, B.C. This publically traded company has silver mines throughout Latin America with a couple of its largest mines in Mexico. In fact, one of these two mines is their only open pit mine and the other huge Mexican mine, located north east of Puerto Vallarta, has been producing the purest silver of all their mines since 1929. The graph below reveals the PAAS stock performance during the past ten years.

Next, let’s analyze the performance of the US stock market during the same ten year time frame.  If your $100 had been invested in SPY, the S&P 500 ETF, it would be worth 80 dollars today per the graph below.  Let’s take it a step further and adjust for inflation; that $80 would have only $61 (76% of $80) of 1999 purchasing power. Yes, that’s correct; if you were invested in the US stock market and your return was better than average, you’ve lost almost 40% of the purchasing power that you had ten years ago!

Now, let’s compare the ten year performance of the Mexican stock market (Bolsa) to the US stock market. If you had purchased EWW, the ETF basket of Mexican stocks, in 1999, you would have realized a 150% gain and your initial investment would now be valued at $250, with a 1999 purchasing power of $190 (76% of $250); pretty decent, especially when you compare it to the $61 left from investing in the SPY’s!

Review the graph below and you’ll immediately see how much the ETF basket of Mexican stocks (EWW) and the Pan American Silver Corp. (PAAS) stock had appreciated in value through 2007 and then fell precipitously in the second half of 2008. More importantly, you can see how both are recovering beautifully as the world recovers from the global recession. Comparing both of these Mexico related stocks to the SPY’s; you may never again want to invest your $100 in a US related stock! Assuming that the global economy continues its gradual recovery, it seems quite apparent from extrapolating the curves below that Mexican stocks and silver are very attractive areas for investing a portion of your portfolio at this time. It’s amazing to see how closely the EWW and the PAAS stock prices have correlated over the past decade!

Finally, let’s look at Mexican real estate. Along the prime region of the Mexican Riviera, property values have tripled from 1999 to 2008 (we don’t have any empirical data but after being invested in the real estate market in Puerto Vallarta for more than a quarter of a century, we can state it as a fact; some properties have quadrupled in value!), after which they have remained flat to perhaps dropping by as much as 20%. Therefore, a real estate investment of $100 in 1999 was worth about $300 in 2008. Assuming a depreciation of $60 (20% of $300) over the past 18 months, it’s now worth $240. In terms of 1999 purchasing power, it’s worth $182 (76% of $240); about the same as EWW and PAAS, not as much as silver, but a whole lot more fun than owning either! When comparing these facts and figures to the $61 of 1999 purchasing power remaining from the $100 invested in the SPY’s, it’s truly disheartening to think of those of you that were fully invested through IRA’s or 401k’s during the past decade. Fortunately, it’s not too late to recoup your losses; in fact, the time could never be better!

The recent drop in Mexican real estate values was caused mainly by the global recession; however, the recent border town drug cartel war news (1,200 miles between PV and Juarez!) and the swine flu scare (three confirmed cases in PV!) contributed significantly to the local real estate recession. The border town drug cartel war and the swine flu scare effects will vanish over time and in all probability, the property values will soon recover to their 2008 highs. Unlike the 20% property value drop in the US, there are virtually no foreclosures dragging down the housing values in Mexico. The housing crisis in the US will probably continue for a couple more years resulting in further erosion of home values by an additional 10-20%. Currently, millions of Real Estate Owned (REO-lender owned) properties exist in the US but you won’t find any in Mexico!

In summarizing, $100 placed under the mattress ten years ago has a 1999 value of $76 today, $61 if in the S&P 500 SPY’s, $230 if in silver, $190 if in the Mexican EWW fund, $185 if in the silver company PAAS, and $182 if in Mexican real estate. Regardless of where in Mexico you had invested your $100 ten years ago, whether it was in Mexican silver, stocks, or real estate, you’ve now got at least three times as much as you would have had if you had invested in the S&P 500 SPY’s! So, here we are in 2009; the question is where best to invest your remaining money after the fiasco of the past decade? With real estate prices 20% off recent highs, long term mortgages of 50% (or more) available in Mexico, and many developers willing to short term finance up to 50%, there has never been a better time to invest in Mexican real estate.

Why hesitate; isn’t it about time that you at least consider making an investment decision totally contrary to those recommendations that you’ve been receiving from your personal financial “guru” that have cost you 40% of your life’s savings? Come on down and retire in Mexico; maybe you’ll even want to buy a bag full of Mexican Libertads or dabble in the Mexican Bolsa through a vehicle such as the EWW fund while enjoying retirement to its fullest! Who knows; as you’re relaxing in your beach front condo on the Mexican Riviera, perhaps your investments in Mexico will gain enough over the next couple of years to recover what you’ve lost during the past decade!

How will you select the right debt counseling agency?

Debt counseling has helped many debtors get out of debt. It is an effective means of finding out alternatives to filing bankruptcy. So, if you visit a debt counselor you can explore the various options that can make you debt free. How effectively a debt counseling session works for you is also determined by the debt counseling agency you choose. There are instances when debtors have consulted credit counselors but failed to derive any benefit from them. This is because the debt counselor may not have been the right choice. To add to the woes of the debtors, it has been reported that many debt counseling agencies have rubbed shoulders with debtors the wrong way.

The BBB has requested consumers to watch out for the following prior to selecting a debt counseling agency.

  • Watch out advertisements

A good debt counseling agency will not flaunt its services or send emails and notifications to consumers in their mail box. You get to know a good credit counseling agency mainly through referrals.

  • Compare agencies

You can ask your friends that have benefited from the services of credit counseling firms. These days most of the credit counseling firms have websites and you can compare services offered and rates of different service providers.

  • Check accreditation

There are many states that require credit counseling agencies to be licensed before they can offer their services. Check if the debt counseling agency you are planning to hire is registered and fulfills the norms of the state.

  • Are the credit counselors qualified?

Avoid hiring services of a credit counselor that is paid fees through commission. They should be paid by an outside organization. The credit counselors should also be qualified.

  • Is your personal information kept confidential?

The company you are choosing should have a privacy policy. Your personal information should be kept confidential.

  • Find out if the services offered are tailor-made?

It is a well known fact that no 2 debtor can have the same solution since the outstanding debt handled by an individual varies greatly. So, avoid hiring a debt counseling agency that doesn’t offer customized solutions.

  • Check past track record

Try to find out the number of drop outs and reputation of the debt counseling agency. The number of complaints lodged against it is also an important measure of the credibility of the credit counseling agency.

  • Fees

Get a fees break up when you are enrolling for the debt counseling program. You may have to pay set-up fees and monthly service charges. You should not be charged more than USD$75 and USD$40 as set-up fees and monthly service charges respectively.

Debt counseling has been made mandatory as per the new federal bankruptcy laws. However, you have to take these credit counseling sessions from a credit counselor who is approved by the government.

Why a Managed Forex Account May Be Right For You

A managed forex account may be the answer to many new investors’ prayers. Self-trading can be very difficult in the foreign exchange market, and nearly impossible for a new investor. To be successful, a trader has to follow the market for 24 hours a day, six days a week, for months and years. Most Forex investors do not have the time or the energy to do this; a lot of them do not have the needed experience and many lose a lot of money. A managed forex account can solve all those problems, for new or experienced investors. These accounts were set up for big-time traders who had the money but didn’t want to do the trading; now anyone with the money, no matter how new to the market, can trade. Managed forex accounts allow traders to hold their trading position and to trade in various currencies.

A managed forex account can greatly reduce the risk associated with trading in the Foreign Exchange Market but there is no 100% guarantee that you won’t lose everything that you invest, so before you set up an account, make sure that if you should lose your money you won’t impact your life in such a way you lose a car or your home. If you are a new trader, a managed forex account can help you to break into the world of forex trading at a minimum risk. Professionals take over trading and handling your investments while you sit back and watch your money make you more money. Even a low starting investment can give a healthy return in the forex trading market. If you pick the right professional to run your managed forex account you’ll see a profit even when the market is not doing well.

If you decide to trade on your own in the Foreign Exchange Market, you have to understand spot currencies, currency options and any other currency derivative. If the market turns against you and you were trading in those spot currencies or derivatives, you could lose your entire investment. A wise investor knows not to invest more than he or she can safely afford to lose so that their lifestyle is not affected. A managed forex account takes this worry off the shoulders of the investor, since professionals are trained to spot market trends and know when the best time to buy or sale is, and what currencies are best to trade in.

A managed forex account should only be managed by someone who has been in the forex trading business for a long while. You can get information about traders’ track records and accomplishments, so make sure to check out anyone you want to consider. Use common sense – long-term traders with 2 or 3 years of good track records might not be able to show a good return on many managed accounts. A day trader who has several hundred good trades in a very short time span is probably very good. Weigh your options and you’ll find a managed forex account is the perfect fit for you.

Forex Trading Courses – Finding the Best Courses to Lead You to Big Forex Profits

Forex Trading courses can cut your learning curve and put you on the road to big Forex profits quickly, a here we will look at how to find the best courses and how they can help you win.

In a market where 95% of all traders lose money, you need to learn the right skills to win and the best Forex courses will normally come from experienced traders who and not only will they give you proven tools and strategies, they will also explain why they work, so you can trade with confidence.

The best courses will also come with daily trading lessons, where you can see the vendor trade the system in real time trading. You can see how successful the strategies are and also practice yourself in real time and sharpen up your trading skills. The best courses will have unlimited support, as your bound to have questions and you will normally be allocated a mentor who can answer any queries.

All the best Forex trading courses, come with 100% money back guarantees so you get all your money back, if for any reason you decide the course has not delivered what it says or you simply decide that forex trading is not for you.

If you take advantage of the best Forex courses, they can get help you learn Forex trading the right way and get you on the road to a great second income quickly. By using a Forex trading course you have nothing to lose and everything to gain, as all the best ones come risk free with money back guarantees.

Stock Market Day Trading System

Common Intra-Day Stock Market Patterns

A day trader is a stock trader who holds a position with a stock for only a very limited time–sometimes merely several minutes–before he makes a trade with that stock. People who practice this are called day traders because most of their positions are opened, and closed, in the same trading day. “Buy and hold” strategies are not for them.

Day trading is controversial to say the least, and the fact is that over 90% of day traders lose money instead of making it. The typical day trader is seen as little more than a gambler in a casino. Yet, as we all know, there are some gamblers who are professionals–and millionaires. They must know something that few other gamblers know. If a day trader is to be successful, he too must know something that few others know.

Day traders suffer from the problems of market timing. With market timing, an investor tries to predict the market’s future direction. Economic data, including technical indicators and even the financial and investment news, may be used to help the trader determine what stock positions to take (short or long) and when to sell or buy. However, there are many investors who believe that it is impossible to time the market. There are just too many variables, they say; and if there are any patterns underlying market timing, they are too complex and subject to too much “noise” for anyone to figure them out. Clearly, there are day traders who disagree with this–but, then again, there is that fact that over 90% of these lose money, rather than make money.

There is a lot of timing risk with active day trading. Timing risk is the margin of error that a day trader takes on when s/he buys into a position that s/he won’t make the right move (or already did not make the right move depending on the stock price at the time of purchase) to capitalize as much as possible on the latest market movement. From market risk analysis comes the old adage that it is better to have “time in the market” than to “try timing the market”. Evidence for this is that the majority of institutional money managers fail to do better than a simple index fund which follows a time-in-the-market strategy of buy and hold.

In spite of the deck being stacked against them, day traders continue trying to make their fortune their way. Most lose money…but, they sense one thing that happens to be true: if the market is able to be timed correctly, they will make a killing. It’s all a matter of figuring out how to time it. If they could do that, they would have that special knowledge that we mentioned above. But is this possible?

It is possible if they use one special tool–a day trading robot. These artificial intelligence (AI) programs have been around in the investment world since even before the Internet. They have become far more advanced in the last almost 20 years; and the Internet has made it possible for them to be used by many more people. Institutional money managers have used day trading robots to help them for many years, and those managers who make the best use of them are among the most successful.

These AI programs are able to learn from past market timing mistakes, and from analysis of stock charts and other market data. They learn just like a human trader would, except since they don’t need to sleep or eat and have no other distractions or things to think about, they can learn far, far more rapidly and arguably with more depth. As a trader, you can program your robot with your preferred trading strategy parameters, and the program will learn them and give you feedback as to how well they do over a period of time so that you can make adjustments to the program if you want to.

Day trading robots are also faster to move than a human can typically be. They use an electronic trading platform that enables them to place orders instantly, so that loss due to order lag is minimized.

So, for the day trader, the day trading robot is indispensable. There is no good reason to do this kind of trading without the all-important help of AI. But with it, making a fortune in day trading is possible.