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Stock Assault 2.0 SideKick Edition – AI Engine that Powers the Classic Stock Assault 2.0

Is the Classic Stock Assault 2.0 not Giving You Enough Stock Picks?Do You Want To Input Any Stock or Market and GENERATE YOUR OWNPICKS? Or Maybe You Want to Analyze Your Current Positions or Test Your Own Strategies? Stock Assault 2.0 SideKick Edition Gives you the Massive Power of Our AI Engine Right on Your Own Computer. Very Powerful, Very Easy to Use.

This revolutionary product will give anyone an even greater edge in the stock market. The classic Stock Assault 2.0 delivers stock picks from an unmodifiable AI engine. However, many people expressed interest in being able to train and set up their own AI engine.

The wait is over, Stock Assault 2.0 SideKick Edition is here today!

Stock Assault 2.0 SideKick Edition Features:

* Use in addition to or as a “Sidekick” to Stock Assault 2.0.
* Run any stock or market through Stock Assault 2.0 SideKick Edition and get exact entry and exit points.
* Find out the best possible exit for your current positions.
* Analyze a stock before investing and get the best possibleentry.
* Analyze portfolios and predict near-term and long-term ROI.
* Not sure whether to keep holding a position? Stock Assault 2.0 SideKick Edition will predict future movements with jaw-dropping accuracy.
* Never before was anyone able to own an AI engine like this before, we finally made it possible. We prove that knowing future stock movements is possible.
* Full product manual included. Very easy to use, just plug in parameters in the step by step wizards and let the AI engine crunch away.
* One time fee only. Free automatic upgrades. No data feed necessary.

Stock Assault 2.0 SideKick Edition is a software program intended for the prediction of situations originating in the markets and generating predictions for proper purchase and sale moments.

The off-the-shelf algorithmic developments in neural net theory,together with the optimally calculated parameters of prediction models, have allowed us to create a unique software product. Complete visualization of data, the possibility of saving/restoring/creating new neural net models, complete on-line support and updated stock quote data through the Internet are just some of the possibilities of Stock Assault 2.0 SideKick Edition.

Stock Assault 2.0 SideKick Edition will show you all the power of artificial intelligence and non-standard analytical abilities in such difficult areas as the predictability of a market change.

Stock Assault 2.0 SideKick Edition is an application for traders, investors and brokers. It is an advanced charting tool with a predictive core based on artificial intelligence technology using neural networks. Stock Assault 2.0 SideKick Edition will help you to make decisions on entering and exiting the market, on buying your favorite stock or selling it at the best moment, for maximum profit.

A core-complex neural network structure is used for training and forecasting. The data used for building neural network models is stock quote data with complex pre- and post- processing, noise removal, filtration, normalization, dynamic data reduction, etc. This transformed data is used for training models.

Stock Assault 2.0 SideKick Edition will help you to feel the pulse of the stock market and get recommendations of the best BUY/SELL moments.

The program is highly tailored and specially developed for both professional stock traders and beginners.

Advanced structures, algorithms and modern research resulting in neural net modeling make it possible to offer this product specially designed for traders and investors.

Applications, based on neural net technology, are often more effective, than the most professional trader. Such applications make heuristic analysis of stock market behavior, predicting a direction for the market and giving buy/sell signals on some time interval. The professional trader, using the given program, can predict with a most exacting degree of success.

The program has been highly effective on the most risky securities markets, in unstable and analytically unpredictable markets.

This professional application allows you to reduce the risk of investing, and enables easier decision making. The series of tests which have been carried out by professional traders, have allowed us to improve the internal structure neural net models, and using the newest algorithms, to achieve excellent results in the prediction of the movement of the market.

A free online data source allows you to create models online, and update them daily… getting new recommendations for buy, sell or hold decisions.

A professional statistical module can give you all details about your model’s accuracy, profitability and profit ratios, ROA, PRR,etc.

Stock Assault 2.0 SideKick Edition has an easy-to-use interface,which gives you the ability to create a model with just a few clicks, train the model and generate forecasting (without a knowledge of neural network theory and deep math analysis).

You can create your own portfolio of models, open them, update them with new stock quotes, train, estimate accuracy and profitability, get forecasting signals, print stock charts with forecasting results and examine your current open trading positions, all extremely easily, with a user-friendly interface.

Stock Assault 2.0 SideKick Edition is currently only $200 for a VERY limited time.

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